BRE Daylight & Sunlight
Useful generic information from the BRE Group

BRE Designing Buildings Wiki – Daylight benefits in healthcare buildings
A comprehensive synopsis of research undertaken worldwide associated with the impact of daylight in healthcare buildings.

CIBSE Daylight Group
The website of the Daylight Group within the Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers

Clever Classrooms
A detailed study by Salford University into how physical characteristics of classroom design (including daylighting) can affect pupil performance and wellbeing

Climate-based daylight modelling
Website of John Mardaljevic, Professor of Building Daylight Modelling at the School of Architecture, Building and Civil Engineering, Loughborough University

Bi-monthly digital magazine for architects, specifiers and construction professionals, covering all aspects of daylighting

The Economics of Biophilia
A detailed study of Biophilia (the innate human attraction to nature) and why designing buildings with nature in mind can create financial savings. Energy savings are one obvious benefit. However this study reveals many other opportunities for financial savings.

Website of the European Group for Rooflights & Smoke Ventilation

Heschong Mahone Group (HMG)
Website of HMG – professional consulting services in the field of building energy efficiency, including daylighting studies

Wikipedia – Daylighting Definition
Detailed definition plus technical references and links