NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, is an active trade association representing UK rooflight suppliers and associated businesses. We are dedicated to the application of best practice in the provision of natural light in built environments.

At the heart of NARM is our influential Technical Committee, comprising leading experts in the design, manufacture and application of rooflights across all sectors.

Over the 20 years since NARM was formed, our Technical Committee has played a pivotal role in establishing the effects of rooflighting on building performance as well as other factors, including the safety and wellbeing of building occupants, construction and maintenance staff.

As an example, we have been instrumental in collecting, analysing and interpreting rooflighting data upon which the regulations pertaining to rooflighting in The Building Regulations Approved Document L, have been based.

So today, the required levels of rooflight thermal performance and rooflight areas to achieve compliance, can be largely attributed to NARM and its partner research organisations. Read More