These are detailed documents drawing on knowledge and experience from within The Rooflight Association’s influential Technical Committee, as well as independent research.

Rooflight safety net warning
Safety Bulletin 2023/1
Rooflight Safety Nets: Be aware of limitations and potential dangers – published in partnership with FASET
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Technical Document NTD03.1

Application of ACR(M)001 ‘test for non-fragility of large element roofling assemblies’ to GRP profiled rooflight sheeting

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Technical Document NTD08.1

Guidance on non-fragility for specifiers of in-plane rooflights

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Technical Document NTD11.1

Understanding the differentces between ‘non-fragile’ rooflights and ‘walk-on’ rooflights for deliberate foot traffic

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Quickguide 01

Quickguide 01

non-fragility:key points from the Red Book ACR(M) 001

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Quickguide 08

Understanding CWCT classifications of rooflight types