Considering the challenges we have all faced over the last year, as we enter 2021 the UK’s rooflight industry appears to be performing well.

During the early part of the first UK lockdown in back in March 2020, manufacturing at our member company sites was suspended and construction sites were temporarily closed, while management functions generally remained active through work-at-home initiatives and on-line communications. However, most, if not all of our members resumed manufacturing in April/May under new Covid-safe guidelines and demand held up surprisingly well in most sectors, particularly in the period immediately after the first lockdown.

As a trade association with many members normally engaging in meetings and working groups, we remained highly active using Covid-safe on-line communications throughout 2020 and will continue to so so into 2021 – until such time as face-to-face meetings can resume.

NARM representatives have been working closely with other influential industry bodies including CPA, the Construction Products Association, Eurolux, the European trade association for rooflights and BSI, the British Standards Institute.

Following on from this work, in 2021 we will be publishing a number of new technical documents and continuing to promote our recently launched safety campaign to promote the use of laminated inner panes on glass rooflights.
It’s difficult to predict how the industry will fare over the coming months, faced with so many variables. However, now with the approval and roll-out of the new Covid-19 vaccines, there’s a case for increased optimism – particularly in view of the continued high demand for rooflighting products across many sectors.

Whatever 2021 holds in store, we’ll be maintaining our focus on supporting the industry and promoting safety and best practice.