Glazing Vision are very fortunate to work with highly recyclable materials whilst bringing natural daylight and ventilation into the properties that we are engaged on. The board of Glazing Vision are committed to working with suppliers that match our quality and environmental credentials. We are working to improve our position in our industry, our community and the world to be a shinning beacon of corporate responsibility. We are always looking to the future, whether working with local schools and colleges to influencing architects designs to bring in more natural daylight and ventilation, we want to make a better world for future generations.

“We have recently replaced lighting within our building to LEDs. We have also set timers on all equipment and installed PIRs to control lighting, reducing our energy consumption significantly. We installed PV Cells on our building in 2011 and feed energy back into the national grid. We are also one of the only rooflight manufacturers to have an in house non chromate powder coating pre treatment plant, demonstrating that the environment is top of our agenda when decision making” – Jon Shooter (Group Managing Director)

In 2022 we are proud that we have reduced our general waste production and increased our energy efficiency

Our Policy centers around the following:

  • Designing quality products with health, safety and the environment in mind, during their manufacture, transportation, installation, use and maintenance to meet and exceed customer needs.
  • Working with vetted and approved suppliers and sub-contractors in a transparent and ethical manner with the aim of improving relationships, reducing environmental impact, improving health and safety performance and driving down defects.
  • Prevention of pollution and to protect the environment in which we operate by pursuing initiatives to reduce, manage or mitigate the impact of our activities on the environment including the calculation of our carbon emissions.
  • Maintaining accreditation to ISO 14001 and embracing continuous improvement

Further details on our Environment, Social and Governance Strategy can be found here

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