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Filon Products Ltd.
Unit 3 Ring Rd, Zone 2 Burntwood Business Park
Burntwood, Staffordshire WS7 3JQ

Tel: 01543 687300 Fax: 01543 687303
Email: sales@filon.co.uk


FILON is one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of GRP building products, with a range of high quality rooflights and roofing sheets for all kinds of applications in the new build and refurbishment sectors.

Filon offers a complete range of GRP rooflights and profiled roof sheets for industrial and commercial premises:

  • Profiled GRP rooflights and roofing sheets to match any profile.
  • Supasafe rooflights and roofing sheets that are designed to be at least as strong and durable as 0.7mm thick profiled steel.
  • Monarch F GRP insulated barrel vault rooflights.
  • Fixsafe replacement rooflight system which allows the removal and installation to be carried out totally from inside the building. The need to access dangerous fragile roofs is now completely eliminated. Fixsafe provides a safe, cost effective and quick alternative to working on dangerous fragile roof surfaces.
  • GRP over-roofing system is a light weight solution for old asbestos cement roofs of buildings that will not take any increased load for new roof coverings.
  • DR-Refurb GRP sheets for roof refurbishment is the solution for replacing or overlaying failing asbestos cement roofs with a lightweight yet very strong sheet.
  • Citadel is a bespoke product designed for wall and roof sheets in corrosive environments. The specification of the sheet and its surface protection will be tailored to suit the site conditions exactly and provide a long term cladding solution where profiled steel sheets would quickly corrode.
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