In its role as the voice of the UK’s rooflight industry, NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, is committed to engaging with rooflight specifiers and installers – to encourage best practice and to educate on the advantages of natural daylight in the built environment.

As part of their focus on the installer community, NARM recently commissioned a survey of NFRC members (National Federation of Roofing Contractors) to establish a clearer picture of their requirements from a trade association representing rooflighting.

This was delivered to NFRC members, via the on-line NFRC newsletter ‘Roofing Times’.

An analysis of the results reveals facts which will inform NARM communications with contractors in the coming months and years.

Significantly, of those few contractors who reported that they had encountered rooflight installation issues at some time, all confirmed that these were satisfacorily resolved by the NARM member companies that supplied the rooflights.

The survey also revealed that among contractors, the most frequently downloaded Technical Documents from the NARM website, were those relating to non-fragility of rooflights and the differences between ‘walk-on’ specification rooflights (to floor loadings) and those carrying a ‘non-fragile’ classification.

The NFRC survey featured a prize draw for a video drone – a popular choice – and the winner of the draw has been notified. Details will be released soon.

A key objective of NARM is to raise awareness among contractors of the role it plays in supporting best practice and making objective technical information freely available.

NARM member companies are subject to membership criteria including compliance with appropriate UK Building Regulations.

NARM’s website provides a comprehensive source of information for specifiers and installers of rooflights, including a full library of technical documents available for free download. The website also provides an excellent tool for sourcing rooflight suppliers, with detailed company information about members, together with rooflight types that each company supplies