As the trade association representing the UK’s rooflight industry for over twenty years, NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers has played a major role in supporting efforts to improve roof safety.

Working on roofs is a high-risk activity because it involves work at height. Roofers account for 24% of all workers who are killed in falls from height while at work. Falls through fragile materials, such as older rooflights and asbestos cement roofing sheets, account for more of these deaths than any other single cause.

However, from the year 2000 all UK industrial roofing has been designed to be non-fragile and it should be recognised that it was the UK rooflight industry that started this process. In fact, the rooflight industry, represented by NARM, has made more advances in safety than any other part of the roofing industry over the last 20 years.

During this period, we have no evidence from the HSE that anyone has died by falling through a rooflight that was built since year 2000.

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