Rooflight technical advice

Recently, we have received a number of complaints relating to glass rooflights which have either been sourced from a questionable supplier, or fabricated by a non-specialist builder.

Many of these have come from homeowners or self-builders, who have experienced problems with these installations. In some cases, there have been instances where safety of individuals both inside and outside their homes, has been severely compromised. For this reason, we have extended our marketing efforts to reach out to these groups with information and advice to help them avoid these issues.

This new initiative is in addition to our ongoing communications to architectural specifiers; building and roofing contractors; developers and other construction industry professionals.

Our new campaign includes additional homeowner-focused sections on our website; an information booklet entitled ‘Getting Rooflights Right: What to ask your builder or architect’, a display at the National Self-Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC); and a series of articles covering specific rooflighting subjects of interest to home-owners.