In a recent NARM member company survey, 78% of respondents said their level of business is affected by spurious claims by unscrupulous or misinformed roof light suppliers.
Unjustifiable performance claims in terms of thermal performance appear to be the main cause for concern, with some companies making claims which are simply impossible when put under close scrutiny.

In many cases this is a simple case of lack of understanding rather than deliberate attempts to miss-sell. However, the outcome is the same: the potential for non-compliant or unsafe roof lights being installed.

An oft-cited example is the belief that a roof light made from polycarbonate will automatically be non-fragile,  because polycarbonate is almost unbreakable. This does not take into account the fact that installation plays a major part in non-fragile classification – and rooflights must be tested and classified as part of a roof assembly, under the ACR[M]001 test.

This is just one example that serves to highlight a point: be certain of your rooflight supplier’s credibility.

NARM membership provides an assurance of compliance with UK Building Regs.

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