Glass offers the rooflight specifier an extremely wide range of options in terms of performance, function and aesthetics.

Glass is often the preferred material for domestic, commercial and retail applications, where aesthetics, high performance and long working life are key considerations.

Glass manufacturers have developed products to satisfy the most demanding requirements, from sophisticated ‘active’ solar control, to self-cleaning properties and high impact resistance.

Rooflight Association member companies offer a wide range of glass rooflights, from single-pane ‘flat glass’ rooflights, to custom designed, multi-faceted structural glazing.

Flat glass rooflight cutaway

Laminated glass: the only safe option for inner panes on glass rooflights

Current British Standards define that inner panes on glass rooflights must be laminated in applications more than 5 metres above floor level (increased to 13 metres in limited circumstances) or are located over water (eg swimming pools). However, the relevant standard permits use of toughened glass inner panes in other applications, if a risk assessment is carried out and confirmation provided that this does not present additional risk to those below the rooflight.

The term ‘toughened’ implies a degree of safety which in the case of rooflights, is misleading. Toughened glass inner panes actually bring a risk of shattering and falling into the room beneath. For this reason, The Rooflight Association strongly recommends the use of laminated inner panes on glass rooflights. This is a position strongly supported by ACR, the Advisory Committee for Roofsafety, a body founded by the Health & Safety Executive, dedicated to making working on roofs safer. ACR has published its own document covering this issue, entitled: Glass Specification in Flat Rooflights. This can be downloaded at:

Always check with your supplier that glass rooflights are to be supplied with laminated inner panes, or simply look for the ‘Laminated Inner Pane’ tick symbol as shown above.

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