The growing popularity of ‘walk-on’ rooflights – very high specification glass structures designed to floor loadings and therefore unsuitable for most rooflighting applications – has led to confusion amongst specifiers who often refer to ‘walk-on’ specification, when in fact their requirement is simply for a non-fragile rooflight.

In response to frequent occurrences of mis-specification, NARM, the National Association of Rooflight Manufacturers, has published a guide with practical specification advice on this subject.

The document has been prepared to clarify confusion resulting from terms used to describe rooflights designed to floor loadings, and the hazards that can result from incorrect use of undefined and ambiguous terms such as ‘man-safe’ and ‘walkable’.

The document contains practical recommendations for specification as well as typical load capacities for true walk-on rooflights and general guidance for safety on roofs.

The document, entitled ‘NARM NTD 11– Understanding the differences between ‘non-fragile’ rooflights and ‘walk-on’ rooflights for deliberate foot traffic’ can be downloaded free of charge from: