These are detailed documents drawing on knowledge and experience from within The Rooflight Association’s influential Technical Committee, as well as independent research.

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Technical Document NTD01.03

An introduction to natural daylight design through rooflighting

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Technical Document NTD07.1

Construction products regulation, the Rooflight Association update

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Technical Document NTD09.1

Rooflights: glass, polycarbonate or GRP?

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Technical Document NTD11.1

Understanding the differentces between ‘non-fragile’ rooflights and ‘walk-on’ rooflights for deliberate foot traffic

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Technical Document NTD12.1

An introduction to natural daylight design in domestic properties

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Technical Document NTD14.1

Glass rooflights – specification guide

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Technical Document NTD15.1

A guide to rooflights for profile sheeted roofs

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Quickguide 04

Designing with daylight –  notes for specifiers