Twinfix rooflights Croydon Station platform

Twinfix rooflights brighten up station platforms

Brightening Commuter Journeys: Croydon Station Platforms are Transformed by Rooflights Once hailed as England’s busiest station outside central London, East Croydon Station embarked on a significant £20 million redevelopment project back in 2010. A crucial aspect of this transformation involved revitalising the station platforms, serving as essential waiting areas for…

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Rooflight Association at RCI Show 2023

Interested in what a membership with the Rooflight Association has to offer? Then come and see us at Stand 1. The RCI Show 2023 is a great opportunity for rooflight suppliers, manufacturers, specifiers, consultants and other daylight professionals to meet with the whole supply chain. Visit us to connect with…

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Damaged rooflight

Beware of site-fabricated ‘rooflights’

These days, natural daylight has become a must-have feature for homeowners and self-builders, as more of us are aware of the beneficial effcects of daylight in our homes. This, of course, is great for the rooflight industry, but appears to have kicked off a trend among less scrupulous traders, improvising…

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Rooflight Association Case Studies showcase multi-sector expertise

The Rooflight Association’s membership encompasses businesses providing all kinds of rooflighting solutions, for every sector. The Case Studies page on our website gives a quick and clear overview of the breadth of rooflighting expertise within our membership. Private homes: offices; factories; warehouses; urban regeneration schemes and other projects, are all…

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Today, 21st June, is the Summer Solstice

Today is the Summer Solstice – the day of maximum daylight hours. Here’s an interesting fact: A study analysing posts from 2 million Twitter users found that positive messages were sent out more frequently when days were longer. Other studies found that people exhibited higher happiness levels earlier in the…

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Rooflights & safety – latest from NARM

This January sees the publication of an article by Mark Wilcox, Safety Representative for NARM, who explains the role that NARM is playing in 
improving safety standards for workers outside on the roof – as well as for 
those inside the building. You can read it here on this website:…

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Reasons to be optimistic for 2021

Considering the challenges we have all faced over the last year, as we enter 2021 the UK’s rooflight industry appears to be performing well. During the early part of the first UK lockdown in back in March 2020, manufacturing at our member company sites was suspended and construction sites were…

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Optimise living space creatively, with rooflights

Mention the word ‘rooflight’ and most people would think of a typical, hinged ‘roof window’ for use in pitched roofs, or one of the increasingly popular flat glass rooflights for flat roofed extensions. However, the term ‘rooflight’ can be applied to a huge range of different products, all designed with…

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Rooflight technical advice

Information and advice for homeowners and self builders

Recently, we have received a number of complaints relating to glass rooflights which have either been sourced from a questionable supplier, or fabricated by a non-specialist builder. Many of these have come from homeowners or self-builders, who have experienced problems with these installations. In some cases, there have been instances…

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Two further RIBA approved CPD documents from NARM

RIBA has approved a further two NARM Technical Documents for CPD use. NARM NTD11: ‘Understanding the differences between ‘non-fragile’ rooflights and ‘walk-on’rooflights for deliberate foot traffic’, gives detailed definitions of these two distinct categories of rooflight to enable clear understanding and avoid specification errors. NARM NTD12: ‘An introduction to natural…

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Should your rooflights be CE Marked?

There seems to be a lot of confusion out in the marketplace on this issue at the moment – with manufacturers making different claims and a general lack of clarity arising from what appear to be misunderstandings about the role and application of CE marks. CE marking is simply the…

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