The Rooflight Association works in partnership with other roofing-related associations and organisations, on behalf of our membership and for the benefit of the roofing sector.

LRWA, the Liquid Roofing and Waterproofing Association

LRWA consists of the leading manufacturers of liquid applied waterproofing, approved contractors and related materials suppliers.

Originally founded in 1979, LRWA aims to raise awareness of the technical and financial benefits of specifying liquid-applied roofing & waterproofing systems and to establish product and installation standards to ensure that optimum performance is achieved.

LRWA members are devoted to best industry practice. With the aim of supplying and applying systems to a client’s full satisfaction, advice can be obtained either centrally or from individual member firms. Our aim is to educate and inform specifiers, contractors and the industry as to the properties, correct applications, installation methods and aftercare of liquid applied membranes.


EUROLUX is Europe’s trade association for Daylighting, Natural Ventilation and Smoke/Heat Exhaust Systems, representing the interests of the European manufacturers of individual rooflights, continuous rooflights and natural ventilation and smoke/heat exhaust systems on a European administrative and legislative level.

EUROLUX promotes the Europe-wide usage of these products for the illumination of interiors with natural daylight and for natural venting and smoke & heat exhaust via rooflights.

EUROLUX intensifies the exchange of ideas between its members and contributes to European and international standardisation.

CPA – Construction Products Association

The Construction Products Association represents the UK’s manufacturers and distributors of construction products and materials. The sector directly provides jobs for 313,000 people across 21,000 companies and has an annual turnover of more than £50 billion.

The CPA acts as the leading voice to promote and campaign for this vital UK industry.

The CPA tracks and assesses government policies, interpreting those policies and regulations and provides expert advice, working with members and the wider construction supply chain to create consensus on issues, producing authoritative economic, technical and sustainability publications, or advocating on their members’ behalf. 

ACR, the Advisory Committee for Roofsafety

The Advisory Committee for Roofsafety is a body dedicated to making working on roofs safer. Founded in 1998 by HSE, the ACR comprises representatives of major roofworking federations and associations, and HSE. It has published a range of guides covering the design, specification and safe working on roofs, available for fee download from the Association’s website.

The ACR has defined the UK’s only test, recognised by the Health & Safety Executive (HSE), which determines the non-fragility status of roofing products; producing publications about safe working practices on both fragile and non-fragile surfaces and other roof safety issues.

FASET, Fall Arrest Safety Equipment Training

FASET is the established trade association and training body for the safety net rigging and temporary safety systems industry.

FASET has long been a foundation in supporting its members with expert quality guidance, dedicated training for working at height, and exclusive membership benefit schemes all with the intention of promoting a safer way of working. We strive to achieve extremely high standards with our training and guidance and that is shown through our trusted and reliable contractors, manufacturers and trainers in the industry.

FASET Members work collectively to create a great amount of free-to-access guidance which can be downloaded from our website. The guidance created provides good practices for contractors and provides understanding of the industry for clients.

MCRMA, The Metal Cladding and Roofing Manufacturers Association

The MCRMA was formed in 1990 to support the systems manufacturers in the emerging metal cladding and roofing industry. Since then MCRMA has evolved to encompass the needs of component manufacturer suppliers, systems installers, independent roofing and cladding inspectors plus industry support services providers, all providing independent building envelope solutions for metal-based roofing and cladding systems, products and services.

MCRMA members have been widely specified and involved in the industry’s most prestigious buildings, creating imaginative and innovative building designs that offer cost-effective and sustainable solutions for major developers, clients and end users.

As the voice of the industry, MCRMA works closely with a variety of industry bodies and standards committees to develop building envelope solutions and to disseminate best practice across a variety of industry sectors.

GRO, The Green Roof Organisation

GRO represents companies, organisations and people involved in or interested in Nature-based roof solutions that help our towns and cities mitigate and adapt to the effects of climate change whilst making them nicer, healthier places to live. GRO members positively contribute to the delivery of living green roofs that support nature, provide amenity, attenuate rainwater and generate solar energy, helping ensure no roof goes unused.

GRO Member Working Groups produce free-to-access best practice guidance which can be downloaded from our website.


DAYLIGHTING Magazine is the quarterly publication for architects, specifiers, contractors and other construction professionals.

DAYLIGHTING delivers high-quality editorial to its readership, giving insights into building design and technology associated with daylighting in all types of buildings from private homes, to commercial and industrial buildings. It is the only independent magazine in the UK dedicated to the topic.

DAYLIGHTING has a circulation of over 8,000 named recipients and is available on free subscription, in digital and print formats.